Dungeon Rush: Evolved

Dungeon Rush: Evolved 1.0.0

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An exciting take on multiplayer card game

Dungeon Rush: Evolved is massively multiplayer online role playing game based in card collecting by Evolved Games for your Android OS smartphone or tablet. Start with low level heroes and battle your way through dangerous dungeons to level up your existing heroes, find new heroes and plunder other great rewards like items, gold and artifacts.

Customize your team with randomly generated weapons, armor and items to create a unique and powerful fighting force. Best of all, once a dungeon level is defeated once, it is opened up for auto-farming. Queue up your expert fighting force to fight through the dungeon even while you're not running the game, a perfect feature for a mobile game where people will be playing for short periods at odd times.

Once you've collected a powerful team of heroes in the single player content, test your skills against other players in the battle arena for great rewards and fame. You can also join a guild or create a new guild and join your friends as you fight to defeat powerful Guild Bosses or challenge other guilds to battle, all for great rewards if victory is achieved. Playtime is split into seasons and at the end of each season, rare heroes are awarded to players that played during that time.

Dungeon Rush: Evolved has a great art style with over 200 unique heroes split up into 6 different classes. Build a melee strong team or load your team up with heroes with magical powers. The choice is yours! Rare and powerful equipment can take a lower class hero and put them on par with a legendary one.

The auto farming feature makes collecting expedience, equipment and gold an easy process, allowing you to progress through the levels quickly and focus on your strategies. Challenge the single player content, then challenge players in the arena and top the leader boards in Dungeon Rush: Evolved!

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